Guilty much?

10:21am, 24th August – I feel guilty. There is no other way to say it. I have done my fair share of negative commenting on other people’s list. However, having drafted my first list out of the 14 I plan to submit, I realize how difficult it is to write a list. There is so much of research involved in writing just one single list. You have to check resources, make sureyour information is correct and then go on to write it in a way that is presentable. After that you find pictures, make sure they are not copyrighted and link them to your page somehow. I am now in the list writer’s shoes. And just because of that, I’d like to say sorry to any lister that I have berated in the past. I feel your pain now.

Moving on, the first list was a success. I have completed my draft.It’s not Shakespeare mind you, but it’s good for a start. As I was checking the lists previously posted on, it dawned on me that in order to win this competition, the list has to not only be unique it has to be something which people don’t know about already. The avid readers among us know, that’s a tall order to complete what with the wide amount of infromation available on the net.

Today’s theme – I am not going to bound myself with a theme today. I feel it shackles your creativity. Today is open theme day.


P.S. – If you’re reading this blog, please do leave a comment or even criticism if it validated. It’s good to know that atleast someone’s reading.



2:50am, 24th August – There are some points in the day where you don’t expect to have a Eureka moment about anything. I’ll go far enough to say that in the middle of the night I don’t expect my mind to function at all. I was wrong!

So, right after I finished writing my post early morning I went on to make myself a delicious breakfast of sausages and eggs. In the middle of munching on those devilish fork fulls of heart attack inducing goodness, my mind went nuts. I’ll try to phrase this in as sane a way I can. I was seeing a list in everything and everywhere. From the empty bottle of energy drink rolling on the floor to the flag hanging from wall. Topics ranging from food to technology were rolling around in my head. Did I trap myself by limiting myself to a theme?

I though some fresh air might help me clear up my head and form a clear idea of what I really want in my paranormal based list. I disappeared among the crowds of rambling folks and before I could say ‘Listverse’ it was evening. 12 HOURS GONE AND I HAVE NOTHING. NOTHING!

And then I remembered one of the advices my friend gave me – when in doubt, indulge! 3 double expresss and 4 tufts of snatched hair later –

Top 10 Paranrmal Photographs – Oh yeah! WE HAVE A LIST!

Autumn’s here!

7:30am, August 23rd – I woke up shivering to the cold. It’s a rare freezing morning after a long time and everything outside is grey. I mean it’s totally GREY. I have a sneaky feeling that autumn’s here. But you can never tell. I’ll still keep praying for a sunnier tommorow.

So how is my quest to complete 14 lists in 14 days going? I don’t know frankly. I woke up this morning thinking – ‘What the hell did you get yourself into mate? You’re a student, not a writer.’ I was having the ‘heebie-jeebies’ as one of my friends calls it. An extra sweet cup of coffee solved that. I think that’s gonna happen more than once in these 14 days.

After lazing around my room for a good half an hour I went online to check my email and a smile lit up my face. I had written an email to and to Jamie Frater (Site Owner) asking their permission to use the Listverse name on my blog over here. I received an email from none other than Jamie himself. Wow! I admit I went numb for a minute. Its’s not everyday a site owner takes time out to write you a few words. I was given the go ahead as long as I submitted original material.

On the whole, receiving an email from the main man himself made me even more determined about this whole venture. And a bit intimidated at the size of it too.

And now back to the list. I am going to give myself a good 12 hours to come up with a topic for today’s list. Since it’s got to be original stuff, I need to be careful. The internet is a huge place and most ideas have been dealt with. Time to think outside-the-box today. Whatever that means.

My theme for the day – PARANORMAL. Why did I select it? It’s unique, attractive and fairly easy to write about. Something good to start with.

I’ll see you guys in 12 hours.

And it is born…..


Let me introduce myself. I am a 5th year student of medicine at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas, Lithuania.

I have been an avid follower of for a year now. Recently, the site owner announced that he’d give a MacBook Air to anyone who’ll come up with a great list within 2 weeks. Among other things, I use a 10 year old HP Compaq nx9010 for my computing needs (It takes 2 minutes to open a new webpage, doesn’t show Youtube videos and gets stuck after every 3-4 hours.) This is it! This is my moment to shine!

It is this competition which has given birth to ’14 Days 14 Lists’. Starting tommorow, I’ll take you through my journey of writing 14 lists, one list per day, to win the Macbook Air. It’s a tall order, but one I hope to finish and end up the victor.

Join me as I take you through my process of drafting lists, managing topics, procrastinating and sending them to Listverse in hopes of getting a new Macbook.

I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I don’t even know whether I’ll be able to finish even one list. Rest assured, I am gonna give it my best shot.

Fingers crossed!