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2:50am, 24th August – There are some points in the day where you don’t expect to have a Eureka moment about anything. I’ll go far enough to say that in the middle of the night I don’t expect my mind to function at all. I was wrong!

So, right after I finished writing my post early morning I went on to make myself a delicious breakfast of sausages and eggs. In the middle of munching on those devilish fork fulls of heart attack inducing goodness, my mind went nuts. I’ll try to phrase this in as sane a way I can. I was seeing a list in everything and everywhere. From the empty bottle of energy drink rolling on the floor to the flag hanging from wall. Topics ranging from food to technology were rolling around in my head. Did I trap myself by limiting myself to a theme?

I though some fresh air might help me clear up my head and form a clear idea of what I really want in my paranormal based list. I disappeared among the crowds of rambling folks and before I could say ‘Listverse’ it was evening. 12 HOURS GONE AND I HAVE NOTHING. NOTHING!

And then I remembered one of the advices my friend gave me – when in doubt, indulge! 3 double expresss and 4 tufts of snatched hair later –

Top 10 Paranrmal Photographs – Oh yeah! WE HAVE A LIST!


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A 5th year medical student from a little Eastern European country called Lithuania.

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