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Autumn’s here!

7:30am, August 23rd – I woke up shivering to the cold. It’s a rare freezing morning after a long time and everything outside is grey. I mean it’s totally GREY. I have a sneaky feeling that autumn’s here. But you can never tell. I’ll still keep praying for a sunnier tommorow.

So how is my quest to complete 14 lists in 14 days going? I don’t know frankly. I woke up this morning thinking – ‘What the hell did you get yourself into mate? You’re a student, not a writer.’ I was having the ‘heebie-jeebies’ as one of my friends calls it. An extra sweet cup of coffee solved that. I think that’s gonna happen more than once in these 14 days.

After lazing around my room for a good half an hour I went online to check my email and a smile lit up my face. I had written an email to and to Jamie Frater (Site Owner) asking their permission to use the Listverse name on my blog over here. I received an email from none other than Jamie himself. Wow! I admit I went numb for a minute. Its’s not everyday a site owner takes time out to write you a few words. I was given the go ahead as long as I submitted original material.

On the whole, receiving an email from the main man himself made me even more determined about this whole venture. And a bit intimidated at the size of it too.

And now back to the list. I am going to give myself a good 12 hours to come up with a topic for today’s list. Since it’s got to be original stuff, I need to be careful. The internet is a huge place and most ideas have been dealt with. Time to think outside-the-box today. Whatever that means.

My theme for the day – PARANORMAL. Why did I select it? It’s unique, attractive and fairly easy to write about. Something good to start with.

I’ll see you guys in 12 hours.


About rajbali

A 5th year medical student from a little Eastern European country called Lithuania.

One response to “Autumn’s here!

  1. Vitas ⋅

    Best of luck with this thing dude! Don’t burnout though. Uni starts soon 🙂

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